"One and only sake brewing to the whole country and the world"

Sake brewing as "Niigata Myoko's local sake"

We have been long engaged in sake brewing in the land of Myoko, a place rich in the natural environment where winter snowfall at times reaches more than 10 meters. The rich and clean snowmelt water flowing from the river into the rice field in early spring is not only essential for the production of high-quality rice, but is also soaked by the land, filtered clean over time in the ground and is then used mother water for Kiminoi's sake brewing.

We hope to spread Kiminoi products to Tokyo and overseas together with the splendor of Myoko through the sake brewing using rice from Niigata Myoko, where rice has the best conditions for rice production.

Our special “Yamahai-shikomi” method for producing Sake drunk with meals that is highly evaluated in Japan and overseas

Kiminoi Shuzou, since olden days, has been making sake with UMAMI that go well with cuisine, based on the idea that sake is drunk with meals. This idea will not change in the future as well, but customers’ taste and the area where sake is drunk may change with time.

Therefore, we will continue to challenge brewing sake drunk with the meals desired by our customers of the times and UMAMI of which stays in their memories, through traditional technologies such as Yamahai-shikomi, which has been long used for producing Kiminoi's unique flavors; and modern technologies that includes equipment and raw materials to produce new flavors.