Kiminoi's SAKE brewing

Spare No Efforts for “UMAMI”

All for that “UMAMI (Deliciousness)." Kiminoi Shuzou has for over 100 years continued to hone its time and effort consuming brewing method Yamahai-shikomi. Yamahai-shikomi is one of the brewing methods that involve over the time fermentation using naturally available lactic acid bacteria, and is characterized by rich and deep flavor. At Kiminoi Shuzou as well, the mystical lactic acid bacteria that simulates life is present, but what’s special is that instead of adding commercially available lactic acid bacteria, we cultivate it to increase healthy yeast, and produce a high-quality fermentation starter (source of sake). We have inherited this unique, full of UMAMI and elegant Yamahai method, which we call as “Kuratsuke-nyusankin-shikomi.” Moreover, we not only use Yamahai method, but also various recent methods suited to the changing times in our pursuit of diverse UMAMI flavors.

What is Yamahai-shikomi?

Yamahai-shikomi is one of the brewing methods that involve over the time fermentation using naturally available lactic acid bacteria.
Lactic acid is required for safe fermentation of sake. Sake brewing can be divided into the following two methods, depending on how you get the lactic acid.

Modern method by adding artificial lactic acid. (This method is the current mainstream.)

Traditional method by adding natural lactic acid bacteria available in brewery and nature. (This method is more complex and time-consuming as compared to Sokujo-Tsukuri, so only some breweries in Japan use it.)
Yamahai is a type of “Kimoto-Tsukuri”. This is a method to eliminate the process called "Yamaoroshi" (process of grinding water, rice malt, and steamed rice together in a tub hourly) in the work process of Kimoto-tsukuri. Eliminating Yamaoroshi: "Yamaoroshi Haishi" in Japanese, is abbreviated as "Yamahai".

“Sokujo-Tsukuri” has become the mainstream since the technology of Sokujo was invented about 100 years ago. “Kimoto-Tsukuri” including Yamahai which requires a lot of labor and days is made by only some breweries. However, it is true that Yamahai's unique UMAMI, richness and flavor attract Japanese sake fans.

Kiminoi Shuzou has carefully inherited the UMAMI and traditional techniques of Yamahai based on the belief of "Spare No Efforts for UMAMI".

Temperature control using Dakidaru (traditional barrel filled with hot water). Promotes saccharification and yeast growth.

Kiminoi management philosophy

“Continuity and Change”

Kiminoi corporate identity

"We aim to make one-of-a-kind local sake desired by our customers of the times, UMAMI of which stays in their memories."

"We aim to make our company a place where employees can grow through challenging jobs."

"We aim for coexistence and co-prosperity of our company with the local environment and society"